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Telekom Malaysia & the Agony of Waiting

Internet have become an integral part of our life. Nowadays, almost everything depend on the internet to run. Here is my experience with a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) that famous for fucking up their customers. There are many ISP here in Malaysia but nearly all of them is not as dominant as Telekom Malaysia. I do feel they can improve their service, given ample time, but from being their customers since 2006, sadly I don’t see why I need to give them “ample time” anymore.

Cigarettes Price Increase 21

Cigarettes Price Increase

Well, being a smoker myself, one of the “must look” items from a new budget plan been announce every year is none other than the increase of cigarette’s price. The annual increase had been...

Sick Provocation 2

Sick Provocation

Normally, I don’t post any politic related stuff. For me, politics is for real people with real knowledge to discuss. I admit I’m not “real” enough in those field. But, I’m getting sick when...

Secure Your WordPress 1

Secure Your WordPress

I’ve been reading a couple of news about blogs running wordpress been hacked. No matter on what purpose you run your blog for, it’s always a good idea to make it as secure as...