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Waiting List

In this nearest time, there are a couple of things that I’ve been waiting anxiously or maybe just eagerly. Sort of like waiting for my first child to be born. Ahahahahha…okay, that’s kind of excessive, sorry for that. Without further ado, I present to you the list itself: Waiting for my interview appointment. I’ve already […]

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My Current Status…(III)

It had been a very busy month for me. Maybe because in a few weeks from now, I’ll finish (graduate) my post-graduate studies. At time like this, it seems I’m much busier than a prime minister. Had to finish writing and checking my thesis, preparing for thesis defense, making presentation slides, and all at the […]

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My Sister’s PMR & Me

I’m a really really useless brother to boot. I only know just now that my sister is in her form 3 (generally students in their 15th or 16th year of age) and will undertake the PMR examination this Monday (next morning..ehehhehe). Well, I do know that she’ll never read my blog here, but when the […]

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