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Secure Your WordPress

I’ve been reading a couple of news about blogs running wordpress been hacked. No matter on what purpose you run your blog for, it’s always a good idea to make it as secure as possible. There are many guides that you can find on the net; ranging from covering the basic security setup to the […]

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Arsenal losing player

Well, let me get this straight, I’m one of loyal Arsenal fans. Ahh…I don’t want to talk much about how the team slips on the second half of the league and falling to the 3’rd place; instead I want to talk about losing good player. Last season it was Henry, before that Veira, and guess […]

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Welcome to my world!

This is really my first post on my new domain here. All this other post are here because I imported them from my old blog. Thanks for your visit and do enjoy yourself here in any way

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