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Nur Durratun Nasihah 1

Welcome, Nur Durratun Nasihah

On 21st of April 2012, officially, I’m a father. It’s already more than a month, but the sensation is still with me. Joy, happy, nervous, sad, scared; just name it. It’s all there & still stay inside of me. At that time, it’s not even a year since my marriage but I’m already been blessed with this beautiful gift; a daughter that later been given the name Nur Durratun Nasihah 👿


Telekom Malaysia & the Agony of Waiting

Internet have become an integral part of our life. Nowadays, almost everything depend on the internet to run. Here is my experience with a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) that famous for fucking up their customers. There are many ISP here in Malaysia but nearly all of them is not as dominant as Telekom Malaysia. I do feel they can improve their service, given ample time, but from being their customers since 2006, sadly I don’t see why I need to give them “ample time” anymore.

New Direction? 0

New Direction?

Now, first of all let me say this; this blog have no particular purpose in the first place. I admit, I made this blog long time ago just for the sake of curiosity. I’m curious how does someone manage their own blog? What is the feeling of owning your own domain? What happen if I install this *insert any plugin/theme here*? And you get the gist. To sum it up, direction-less (such word exist? 😛 ) Yeah, I enjoy it once, to be without any direction means that I can post almost anything here.

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My Upcoming Wedding

It’s finally here. Believe it or not, I myself didn’t see this coming as early as this year 😀 . I predict maybe around 2013, but what the hell; things like this is always...