New Direction?

Now, first of all let me say this; this blog have no particular purpose in the first place. I admit, I made this blog long time ago just for the sake of curiosity. I’m curious how does someone manage their own blog? What is the feeling of owning your own domain? What happen if I install this *insert any plugin/theme here*? And you get the gist. To sum it up, direction-less (such word exist?  :razz: ) Yeah, I enjoy it once, to be without any direction means that I can post almost anything here. And frankly, I don’t give a fuck on how many my followers/readers here because I don’t plan to make a single cent from this crap blog. Any ads you found here, is again being inserted just for the sake of curiosity.

I think very hard for this past few months. I have other means to express my thoughts (twitter, Facebook, etc), so there’s no reason for this blog to exist anymore, right? Since I’m kinda a sentimental type of a person, I feel very reluctant to just let this blog go; particularly because this kind of things made me remember my old time with a few of my friends. Just to name a few; Crynobone, TheMatrix, Bobo, Nazif; we spent some crazy moments together & after a long time of separation, this is one things that made me remember them. So, deleting this blog totally, is out of the question.

So,  to make sure this blog not wasting any megabyte stay relevant & useful, maybe I need to set a direction for it. Maybe I’ll follow the current trend. You know like filling this blog with shitty gossip news or copy paste weird picture from other blog or just copy paste press statement of some event. Err…really? Is it become that pathetic to make this blog stay?  :roll: :cry: Or actually, to make this blog relevant, I need to post more often. But what’s worth posting nowadays eh. Hahaha so we back to the main question again. Whatever it is, I think maybe just being me is the good way to go. I’ll think of something. Something that will reignite my curiosity & consequently my writing/posting will become more frequent. Mind fucked? Don’t be; I’m not even starting anything yet  :cool:

P/S: I told you I’m sentimental  :mrgreen: