Writer’s block

Well, if you’re a constant writer/blogger, there is a high chances you will be using the terms “writer’s block” as an excuse for lack of update on your writing space. Me? Since I never update my post here for quite some time (about 2 years to be exact), clearly I can’t use writer’s block as an excuse. So, no reason really for no update at all along those years; I’m just lazy to push the publish button. Just now, I delete more than 150 drafts from those 2 years. Yes, it really is “lazy to push the publish button”, seriously :roll: :cry:

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  • Mohammad Hafiz Ismail mypapit
    Unknown browser

    150drafts? that’s a lot…………………

    • Unknown browser

      LMAO Some of them are one liner, one¬†paragraph, the issues too old (took my time thinking hard :-P), etc etc. All in all, I’m not a very talented & organized writer