Sick Provocation

Normally, I don’t post any politic related stuff. For me, politics is for real people with real knowledge to discuss. I admit I’m not “real” enough in those field. But, I’m getting sick when I encountered this picture from Mafrel site. Urghh…they manage to make themselves look stupid brilliantly. By doing that sick provocation act can they claim the other party rude? I’m not going to argue who’s right and who’s not because personally I don’t know. But action like this can initiate an uglier reaction from anyone and when things goes bad, who’s to blame? Owh…the picture is taken during the Permatang Pauh nomination day on August 18, 2008.

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    these things wont be shown on tv, luckily we hv blogs :)
    azwan’s last blog post..Anwar Ibrahim, The Next Prime Minister?

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      Agree with you on that…at least we have more point of view in different angle :lol: