SAKTI’s 12th Anniversary

SAKTI's LogoSekolah Menengah Sains Kota Tinggi (SAKTI) is literally my second secondary school. It’s located at Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi, Johor about 90km from Johor Bahru and 50km from Kota Tinggi town. It’s officially opened on 12th of August 1996 with the registration of 179 form 1 students (the only batch of students been registered at that time) and also it becomes the 34th members of Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP)1. I happen to be one of the 179 first batch students to enter SAKTI (our batch later on been known as Pioneer). So, today mark the 12th anniversary for our batch and the school; and thinking about the date alone is enough for me to rewind all the shit things that I’ve been through at that school. Although to be honest with you, most of my memories there are unpleasant, I still treasure each and one of it. It’s kinda kinky/sissy to say this, but I say it nonetheless; it’s something that you can’t buy with all the money in the world!!! ( :mrgreen: )

There are a couple of things that I still remember till this day. Being a delinquent myself, most of my school days been filled with the routine of in & out meeting my disciplinary teacher, En. Ajis. I’m not going to brag about that; it’s something that I’m not proud of (but not regretting it either :arrow: ). So I just list out some of the moment that I truly remember from my old school days (in no particular order):Pioneer's Logo

  • Our first headmaster was Tuan Hj. Ahmad Wagiman; a very straight & serious guy. Whenever I remember about him, I can’t stop thinking about Wataniah. Because he somehow related to it (ex-army or maybe just a volunteer trainee) but surely at some point interacting with him, you will be wondering whether you’re a soldier or student. Respect him a lot nonetheless.
  • Form 1 - 1996Beside the headmaster, we have En. Nasuha b. Paiman as Penolong Kanan Akademik (Senior Assistant of Co-curricular Activities) and Tuan. Hj. Osman b. Ahmad as Penolong Kanan Hal Ehwal Murid (Senior Assistant of Students’ Affairs) along with a couple of handful teachers. Including the headmaster and his assistant, I can’t remember exactly how many first batch teachers we had but surely not more than 12. Okay consider this fact to prove my point; we don’t have a Pendidikan Islam’s (Islamic teaching) teacher so we skip almost half of the year’s syllabus then we also have one very bright Chemistry teacher but since there are no student to learn it (yet) she had to teach English; and top it all with the fact that all students know all the teacher’s name. Hey…even our En. Nasuha remember all of our name (179!!! :???: ) including our father’s name and hometown :razz: .
  • Since our school is a new school, we can’t escape from been bugged by “the creature from the other world” (ghost and the likes :shock: ). I even have some experience on it and it’s up to the point that I actually can have conversation with them!! :shock: But till this days I keep telling myself that it was all just an illusion (being a child and been left to stay at the hostel is pretty tough :wink: ) but once in a while, I do can feel them though. Scared the shit out of me :eek: Form 5 - 2000
  • Being the first batch student, it’s our ultimate responsibility to structuring the school. Each week, we manually putting the chair and table to each classroom, washing classroom become a norm, planting some tree, drawing some mural on the wall, putting the big goal post on the football field, etc. But mainly, we do cleaning chore every week (or is it every days :?: ). Also, just across the road, the Sekolah Sukan Bandar Penawar2 is in the process of development; all the dust from the construction site tainted our school. Ha…now you know why I’m confused whether we do the cleaning each week or each days :razz:
  • Eat our shoes - 2000Being about 50km from Kota Tinggi, the nearest town is Bandar Penawar (about 6-8km I guess). But…Bandar Penawar is a dead town :cry: (I’ve heard it’s better nowadays though). As far as I can remember, they got only 1 or 2 restaurants/grocery stores. But fortunately, our school is also near Desaru3; so most parents that came visiting their child went there for picnic along with their child.
  • We don’t have any science equipment, so for a long while, we’re only learning science based on textbook and whenever the textbook mention experiment, our teacher would just ask us to imagine it in our head :razz:
  • Strangely enough, most of the first batch students is from Johor. Only a couple few from other states. Must be fate alright~~~
  • Before we come up with the name “SAKTI”, many suggestion arise. Just to name a few including SEMASKOTI, SEMASKOT, or even the plain SMSKT. Kinda glad it’s SAKTI…can’t imagine the humiliation that we would receive if we choose SEMASKOTI :roll: Dormitory Mates - 2000

That’s all about it I guess. Sure have a lot more but I do think it all will end up relating to my darker side. To sum it up, I can’t believe 12 years had passed already; like the usual saying…it seems like yesterday :cry: But we keep moving aren’t we? All the memories will be remembered because it’s not too excessive to say that our batch help building SAKTI. However inappropriate we might be in the past, it’s undeniable that we grow with SAKTI and somehow we proud of it. Long live SAKTI and happy anniversary :cool:

:wink: Enjoy the picture from my old days at SAKTI.

  1. Boarding school system
  2. Second sport school in Malaysia
  3. Tourist attraction; a beach at Johor coast.

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    so t0uched n very glad2 see my skul’s website here..
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    i’m so proud of you my fren…i know that you’ve been giving your best to create such a wonderful site such this…plg xtahan gambo aku pun ada gak kat ctu…so, i’ll give you highest score for that…but, it is true…even though, we’ve been apart from sakti for years, our heart and soul will always be there….bila bukak jer website sakti, mcm2 prasaan ada…sedih, gmbra, rndu…smuanya ada…lbh2 lagi bila tgk muka ckgu2 kta yg dah byk brjasa…rasa mcm nak g sek blk…mmg btul kata ko amir….we come to sakti with nothing, we grow in sakti and build everything…..long live sakti….pioneer rules!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @muslimah: Thanks for dropping by sis :-) I treasure every moment I spent with you guys back then. Kinda disappointed I took many things for granted that time but, grateful nonetheless :-) Hail to the memories~~~
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    the good old days..