Diablo III

Diablo 3 Teaser Poster
What? Am I dreaming? Blizzard had officially revealed about Diablo 3!! I had waited for this game since 2002 after countless hours with Diablo 2 (and with Lord of Destruction as well) and believe me when I said I waited for this game up to the point I had easily been cheated by one of fake posters for Diablo 3 in 2003 :-P . From what I read, there are several things about this game that excited me. First, to make this game capable of running in most systems, the developer had decided to make it a non-DX10 game (hope they stick with their promise since I’m kinda reluctant to upgarde any part of my current setup). Next, although right now only 2 out of 5 classes have been unveiled (Barbarian & Witch Doctor), it also been said that the player will be able to choose either to opt for male or female gender for their character. Kinda cool to me because I always wonder how the female character of Necromancer would look like. Head on to their official site, Blizzard.com for more info and although I do wonder how they will develop the storyline since all the prime evils were dead, I still can’t wait for the game to come out. I do hope this time, the archangel Tyrael, will have a lot more involvement in the game.

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    i’m not really like to play barbarian. Maybe paladin or assasin its more better with me. SOrceres also a good one to play..

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      Barbarian is also my least favourite character. Necromancer and assasin all the way for me~~~ :lol: