Monthly Archive: June 2008

Secure Your WordPress 1

Secure Your WordPress

I’ve been reading a couple of news about blogs running wordpress been hacked. No matter on what purpose you run your blog for, it’s always a good idea to make it as secure as...

Diablo III 2

Diablo III

What? Am I dreaming? Blizzard had officially revealed about Diablo 3!! I had waited for this game since 2002 after countless hours with Diablo 2 (and with Lord of Destruction as well) and believe...

MGS4 – Public Toilet 0

MGS4 – Public Toilet

I can’t stop myself from imagining that there will be another similar scene in the game (or maybe future iterations) but this time it’s ‘pooing’ not peeing. Hahahahaha…the last action by Snake in the...