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Well, let me get this straight, I’m one of loyal Arsenal fans. Ahh…I don’t want to talk much about how the team slips on the second half of the league and falling to the 3’rd place; instead I want to talk about losing good player. Last season it was Henry, before that Veira, and guess what…this season most likely the team will lose Flamini (move to AC Milan). And to make things complicated, Hleb also been heavily linked with Inter Milan. It also would make the situation worsen if we put the never ending Fabregas speculations into accounts. What’s happening here? I don’t think Arsenal didn’t have the financial sources to retain all these players, so what’s the real problem here?

When was the last time Arsenal wins a silverware? If I recalled correctly, it was during the 2003/4 season where the team become BPL champion with impressive records by not dropping a single point throughout the season. They’d been given the nickname “The Invincible” because of that. In cup competition, the last time was the FA Cup 2004/5 final when they beat Man Utd on penalties. So, it had been a couple of seasons the team experienced the “trophy-less season”. In my opinion, that’s the major reason why some players want to butt out from the team.

Trophy-less is one thing, how about individuals in the team? Is Wenger to be blamed for this trophy-less plague? I humbly think that Wenger’s way of doing things was a little excessive. I share his belief in developing youngsters but not leaving the team without enough in depth cover. Look what happen when the likes of Rosicky, Eduardo, Sagna and v. Persie received an injury; (with respect) other players that cover their roles seems not fit to the task (save by the likes of Walcott and Bendtner).

So, my mumbling here come to an end. Without doubt, Arsenal must strive harder than ever next season. They must start winning trophies or maybe the likes of Fabregas or Rosicky will leave the team. Maybe Arsenal can start with signing a few quality names to cover certain positions, mainly on the defense. I really hope that Flamini is the only one leaving this seasons though :-(

EDIT: It had been confirmed, Flamini will go to Milan on a 4 years contract agreement. :cry:

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    and the most fun part is, jens and gilberto silva were added into the goodbye list.. :D

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    Ahahaha…Jens going is kinda okay with me…have enough cover there with Alumunia and Fabianski. But, the departure of Flamini…well, kinda hoping Gilberto would stay though~~~