I’m always into samurai and shinobi (ninja) type of anime. I even watch Himawari even tough the anime somehow more into comedy type (means less action) but what the heck…as long there’s a shinobi in it! Just to name a few, among the title that I’ve watched that includes either samurai or shinobi elements in it are Samurai X, Samurai 7, Samurai Champloo, Peacemaker Kurogane, Basilisk, and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto. Recently I had managed to get my hands on another anime that involves a samurai element in it; Shigurui.

The anime took place during the period of Tadanaga Tokugawa‘s rule in Edo era. Basically it’s revolves around the event when Tadanaga Tokugawa held a staged tournament among samurai and using a real katana (instead of using bokken). And the story focused on the first match between Fujiki Gennosuke and his opponent, Irako Seigen. Fujiki is a one armed samurai while Irako seems to be blind and have some injuries with his foot. Two of them take the initial stance in a very weird way (mostly Irako with his “Mumyō Sakanagare” move) and just when the fights about to begin….the story took us back into the beginning of it all…which is approximately 7 years ago. The first episode reveal the above until up to the point of the first meeting between Fujiki Gennosuke and Irako Saigen 7 years ago.

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Irako Saigen’s Mumyō Sakanagare

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Fujiki Gennosuke Unsheathe his katana


This anime can’t be categorised as an action adventure genre as a whole. There’s a historical elements in it and top it up with an inner deep feels of story telling. The character is somehow been described as detail as possible but not too excessive; just enough for the needed development of one particular episode. The anime often explained events using flashback and most of the flashback is either an actual historical fact or just a past events that one particular character experienced. I must admit that the anime is really slow in terms of pace but not to the point it became dull..just try to delivers almost everything in detail. This anime is definitely heavy as I myself have to watch the first episode more than once because I’m a little bit dizzy due to a lot of involvement of flashback, historical facts explanation, and a few “silent” scene. Those who watched Basilisk anime, try to imagine Basilisk with the addition of samurai and also with more gloomy mood. Heavy stuff but great nonetheless. Watch it and rate it yourself; without hesitation I mark Shigurui as my “Must Watch”!

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  • Nice review man..Just when I dunno what anime to watch..And since you put it in your “Must Watch” anime..Must be a damn good anime..I guess this will be on my watch list pretty soon..Cheers.. ;-)

  • Try it bro…it’s kinda slow but tempting to watch. Shows the true art of swords fighting :-D

  • The bushido is still strong in me..haha..Rite now concentrating on anime movies..Now gotta make space for Shigurui..

  • Go for it…a hardcore watcher like yourself should not miss this. The anime still in its’ early stage by the way…

  • As expected from my anime/manga guru, this one I’ll definitely lok forward to it. Thanks Master…

  • LordJiraiya

    This is a great anime im looking forward to ep 7.. if you liked the historical samurai / action type anime youd like “Shura no Toki” its about a family that uses a hidden fighting style and follows the 3 different family members on their quest throughout the world fighting the strongest opponents. one of them is musashi miyamoto etc.. and it incorporates lots of action with real historical events. check it out

  • Sounds interesting….thanks for sharing~~

    I also kinda impatient for ep 7….I really love the narrator’s final phrase on ep 6~~~

  • My friend says that Mumyou Sakanagare is written as [ 無明逆流れ ], but that’s no guarantee.

  • Ep 7 & 8 already out!check it out bro!

  • Yaay~~watch it already…really great to see Mumyou Sakanagare but a bit disappointed by “easy” death of the Kogan-Ryu disciple…

  • WTF….this anime already finish at the 12’th episode??!! What about the final fight between Saigen and Fujiki??!!

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