Developing the Network Content Industry Seminar

Yesterday, I had attended a seminar based on the topic “Developing the Network Content Industry“. The seminar was organized by Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in a hotel at Alor Star, Kedah. Well, the seminar is part of capacity building initiatives to develop the networked content industry which has been identified as one of the six growth areas under the MyICMS 886 implementation plan. To sum up the agenda of the seminar, there are 4 sessions as stated below;

  • Session 1
    More like an introduction section of the whole topics like the definition of content, the functionality of MCMC and other governing bodies, etc. Topics covered in this session is as below;

    1. Current Initiatives to Build the Landscape” by Mr. Roslan Mohamad, Director of Content Development Department of MCMC
    2. Bringing Malaysian Content to the Global Threshold” by Mr. Kamil Ahmad Othman, VP of Creative Development of MDeC
  • Session 2
    Consist of talks given by the possible distributor or buyer of our content creations.

    1. Nurturing Mobile Millionaires” by Mr. Rostam Abd Hashim, Head of Maxis Developers Program.
    2. Selling Content to Broadcasters” by Astro representative.
  • Session 3
    Consist of talks roughly on games & animation topics.

    1. Games Business” by MyGo Sdn. Bhd. representative.
    2. Animation Industry in Malaysia” by Inspidea representative.
  • Session 4
    Consist of talks mainly on the funding issues in the content industry.

    1. E-Content Fund (RM150 million)” by MOSTI.
    2. MDeC Seeding Grant” by MDeC.
    3. Networked Content Grant” by MCMC.
    4. “Commercial Loan for Content” by MDV.

Conclusion; I don’t want to bother myself explaining every details about the seminar, so I just straight to my own conclusion. The seminar is good…quite good actually; it slightly introduce me a concept that actually I had been dealing with for a long time…just doesn’t realize it until now…content and its’ industries. Quoting from one of the speakers;

Content can be defined as any sound, text, still picture, moving picture, or other audio-visual representation, tactile representation or any combination of the preceding which is capable of being created, manipulated, stored, retrieved, and communicated electronically.

Well, the seminar is too short in terms of live demonstrations and all the available data in their statistics seems a kind of lag behind. Some of the speaker also sometime tends to finish their talks as quickly as they can. Don’t know why…time constraint maybe. With all that shortcoming, I would say the seminar could be better and I expect it to do so just by looking at the organizer…a government commissions. Not trying to say I regret being there, just hope it could be better. Peace… :D

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