Freeing My Hardisk

It seems almost all tv series or anime that I followed recently had already ended their rounds. Just for the record, the series that already ended (for the current season or maybe even their entire life span) were Prison Break Season 2, Heroes Season 1, The Office US Season 3, Busou Renkin, and Scrubs Season 6. Well, in a way, it’s definitely a good news for me. With this I can burn (backup) all that stuff into a dvd and as a result I will have an ample amount of free space on my hardisk. On the other hand, my usual weekdays will become boring to the max. Although I still have other watchable stuff, it ain’t going to be the same. Oh well…it’s the nature of this kinds of things anyway…never last long no matter how good they were. What to do with that space anyway? Well, for starter, playing game I guess. Today’s game free space requirement is insane…5GB is normal nowadays it seems. Aihh…maybe I’ll start with CnC3 or even Supreme Commander. Either way, lets go to war Sargent :-p

Supreme Commander

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