Fedora 7 “Moonshine”

I don’t know the exact date and time, but a couple of minutes ago, I just realize that Fedora 7 “Moonshine” has been released. No more “Core” in their naming convention, this latest release marks some major changes that sure looks appealing to different type of Linux user (beginner, advanced, or expert). Fedora 7 features a tickless kernel, KVM virtualization, Liberation fonts, and the capability to mix your own Fedora distribution with ease (from what I understand, it something that let the users to customize their Fedora 7 to contains only a set of package they desire and best of all share it with others). I didn’t install and test it yet, so it’s quite unfair to write any further. Go to their official site for more info (FedoraProject.org), this link for their release notes and here for the official announcement. Talking about their official site, it had been revamped to accompany the new release. I really like their tag line “Reach Higher” because it describe their intention to become much better than ever…hopefully Fedora 7 can live up to it.

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