Scrubs Season 6


Recently my watch-list going bigger because of the addition of Scrubs Season 6. Well, officially first aired on 30’th November, the first episode story continue from the Season 5 ‘s finale. It’s end with babies stuff, and now it begin with that stuff as well. I really enjoy the show nonetheless, but there’re rumors saying that maybe this is their last season and IF it’s not, maybe Zach Braff will not be in it. I wonder what will happen with Dr. Christopher Duncan Turk without Dr. John Michael “J.D.” Dorian, maybe still hilarious but I bet will lack the chemistry among them. But whatever happen, let just enjoy the show for now shall we?

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  • same with me. with heroes, lost, supernatural, smallville going on too, less time for work and study.. ;)

  • Yup…agree with you on that. Luckily, most of the series episode is in “rest” now. Time to focus a little on study :-D