End of The Year’s Post

It’s almost the end of the year and so many things happen all along the way especially a few weeks back. I presume most of you (Malaysian and any countries nearby) realize how our internet connection been impaired lately. Owh…this time the fault is not on our lovely local ISP (TmNut), it’s because the APCN2 Submarine Cable damaged during the earthquake that struck close to the city of Taichung, Taiwan. Other than that, the upcoming Hari Raya Aidiladha (which is tomorrow) and new year celebration will not be taken as good as usual because on some part of Malaysia, they faced an unusual flooding disaster. I’m quite remember during this time last year, it’s the northern region of Malaysia been affected by flood, but this time, mostly been affected is the southern region (Johor, Melaka, etc). Well, an unusual phenomenon that only struck once every hundred years (not my assumption of course…read it somewhere else). Luckily, my home at Johor is not been affected by this flooding problem, but I do sympathize with all the victims. Well, I’m really in despair about my internet connections but I do realize there are some other part in the world (or if I don’t need to go that far, I just substitute ‘world’ with ‘Malaysia’) that suffer more than me; flood and earthquake victims. I pray that all this difficulties can be overcome and people can start their usual life again in near time.

For those who still grieving about their internet connections, how about try to lessen the problem a little bit by using a proxy. A comprehensive guide on how to do it can be found at Lowyat’s Forum. But do note that some proxies have their own limitation and do “trial-and-error” a little bit (eg: some proxies didn’t allow https protocol). I suggest choose the nearest proxy as possible such as the Australian proxy. Also, at time like this, please be considerate to others and don’t overused the proxy for your own good (such as online gaming and p2p). I heard that the ships to repair the broken cable can only arrive at the designated location on 2 January next year and the repairing process itself can’t be finish in simply a day or two. So, maybe we will face this situation around 2 weeks. Bear with it I guess, it’s not anybody fault anyway. Nevertheless, my advanced gratitude goes to all the folks that involves in the repairing process. They sacrifice their valuable “years end” time to do it. Thanks folks!

If you ever wonder about the repairing process, maybe you can go to this site, have that all process explained. Last but not least, Happy Aidiladha, New Year, and please make a new year resolution that you convince you can fulfill ’em. :-p

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