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End of The Year’s Post

It’s almost the end of the year and so many things happen all along the way especially a few weeks back. I presume most of you (Malaysian and any countries nearby) realize how our internet connection been impaired lately. Owh…this time the fault is not on our lovely local ISP (TmNut), it’s because the APCN2 […]

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The sum of all fears

Inspired by a post from my mates, Apek (The sum of my life so far..), I took the mentioned quizes. And I trully not surprise with the result….damn pathetic… Oh the title is just for “looks-like-this-stuff-is-serious..well,-it’s-not” purpose btw :-p This Is My Life, Rated Life: 4.9 Mind: 5.1 Body: 4.9 Spirit: 4.6 Friends/Family: 4.7 Love: […]

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Short Ms.NET Course

During the week, I attend some short course based on Microsoft’s .Net at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Well, basically starting with nothing to do for the moment and then decided to attend it. Hmmm….maybe because it’s free of charge? I’ve heard somewhere that if anybody want to take such courses on their own it will […]

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