J-Pop Fever

Honestly, JPop (or any other Japanese music types) is one of musical genre that I listen just for the sake “I’ve heard this song before“. I only listen songs that I’ve heard from anime, games, or maybe TV series that use such genre for their opening and ending song. For instances (a few), Utada Hikaru – Can you keep a secret (from one of Takuya Kimura’s drama; Hero), Rythem – Harumonia (Naruto anime), Yui – Rolling Star (Bleach anime), Onmyo-za – Kouga Ninpochou (Basilisk anime) and Nightmare – The World (Deathnote anime). Suffice to say that it’s not a must in a day I presume. But recently it seems that I been struck with this so called JPop fever. Truly and seriously starting with amazement from a song or two by m.o.v.e and Onmyo-za. It’s kind of…well, extreme amazement and a feeling of almost crying when hearing their song. Believe me when I said this bands truly did it.

I admit almost in everything, I’m a late adopters. Fashions, latest news/issues, new bands/singers, games, movies, and all….just name it; truly I’m a very late adopters in nature. So, it’s not surprising when I’m very late into experiencing JPop fever when most of my known mates had immersed themselves centuries ago. Also, below is a list of the JPop band/singer that recently occupy my foobar play-list. Don’t believe me? See the last picture yourself and let me think for a while about where the hell I want to get more space for my hardisk…duh…

  • m.o.v.e
  • Onmyoza
  • L’Arc En Ciel
  • Do As Infinity
  • Yamashita Tomohisa (although I’m hearing only one of his song….neh…put him also on the list :-p)
  • Negishi Satori
  • FictionJunction Yuuka
  • And a lot more singles consist of anime’s opening and ending songs


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  • somebody just declared himself a Jap fan..haha
    u’re not alone buddy..

  • Yeah bebeh….although I didn’t understand what the hell the songs is talking about, they still great….yaaay….

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    You have hit the nail on the head with this you are so right, I have been reading plenty on this over the last few days and you seem to have the most information. I will link your blog from my site for others to follow.


    Jill xx

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