My Current Status…(II)

So, howdy mates. Currently in the morning I’m fasting (obviously! It’s Ramadhan!), and it had been around for about 23 days I guess. Rather than just laying around and whispering enchanted words like “water” or “thirsty”, I just continue my life normally like any other day. But, to chase the burning spirit of Eid, all my exam will end a week before the Eid. It means…yup. Exactly yesterday is my last exam. But I can’t just be happy yet. Still have my project paper to finish before the middle of the next month. Nevertheless, as usual, will try my best to finish all that project paper on time (oh GOD, please help me)..

Oh…I had something funny to tell you today (be aware that it’s depends on personal interpretation; if you feel it’s not funny, I can’t help you there). Okay, here it goes. This morning, I went to my lecturer room with my fellowship to attend some presentation session. When we arrive there, my lecturer told me that we had to wait a little bit because he had an errands to do. So, we wait at the meeting room. Suddenly I remember that all the presentation slides is in my pen-drive and yaaay the pen-drive is not in my pocket. So, one of my mates quickly giving his motorcycle key to me and I, without hesitate, make the ride to my house to get my pen-drive. I pull the throttle to the max and I’m kinda feel like Farid Kamil in Remp-It.

Half way from home….suddenly the motorcycle chain wore off. Oh…what’s this!!?! Huhuhu…today is indeed full of “Series of Unfortunate Events“. As I pulling the motorcycle to the side of the roads, one motorcyclist stop by and ask me what happen (ohh…again I feel like I’m in one of the scene of Remp-It or even KL Menjerit I guess; motorcyclist help another motorcyclist :-p). I told him about the chain stuff and then he offered to help me to take the motor to the workshop. “Thanks, but no thanks,” I’ve replied as humbly as I can. Why? Because of the pen-drive….remember? But he agree to take me anywhere that I want. Owhh…I’m so relieved. So, he hold the back of my motorcycle (while I’m riding it) using his left hand, and then we’re on. Yaaay…the last time I do something like this is when my friends motorcycle run out of gas. Anyway, thanks to that dude, I manage to arrive at my home, take my pen-drive and went back to the presentation using my housemate car. At the meeting room, I ran out of breath because I’m rushing so…in the end, most of the presentation been done by my other mates. Who? Me? Sleeping on the back rows… :-)

P/S: Owh…I’m starting to think that…..this is absolutely not funny…but…what the hell… :-)


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  • hey there. read ur story regarding merempit :D anyway, just rasa kinda weird that u’ve linked up the word ‘remp-it’ with my post (not that i mind, it’s a free country after all). hahhaha… i don’t know. pointless ramblings. dont mind me. and another bleach fan. the world is already a better place :D

  • Yo…(I wonder why I didn’t receive email notification when a comment struck in)….the reason I link to your post is just because your post are among the few post on the net about that movie…at least some of my readers can actually get an idea what the hell Remp-It is….