Fedora Core 2 & Me

Ok, the local date and time now is July 2, 2006 at 3:55am and right now I’m still working. Yup…I’m taking some part time jobs and supposedly I’m either at home on my bed sleeping like a kitten or watching world cup match between Brazil and France. So why the hell I’m still here doing my job? It’s basically because having some weird problem on Fedora Core 2 (FC2) and need to revamp almost everything. Can’t tell you much about my work here but I’m dealing with some network monitoring using RRD-Tools on Linux machine. It’s not my decision to use FC2, so I’m a little in an awkward position when I’m trying to revamp everything. I hope this will end soon…huhuhuhu

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  • waa.. FC2 ka? so old, kernel lama.. tapi ok aa since takde hardware problem :) bro.. try gentoo aa.. compile kernel sendiri.. tapi wa x guna gentoo pon. kat opis jek.. good luck

  • No hardware problem? Really? But I wonder why my test server machine acting funny with FC2….the machine use LGA775 CPU type, DDR2 technology as the RAM, and a motherboard of Intel 915 Chipset based. Gentoo? Hehehehehhe…just a noobs in Linux here, maybe will try it later