My Perfect Lover

Oh…I have been tagged by Crynobone!

  • The tagged victim have to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
  • Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
  • Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
  • If you are tagged the second time. There is NO need to do this again.
  • Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT. goes my point for my perfect lover….

  1. Gender

    A woman is a must but an 'original one' is another prerequisite…ah, you know what I mean…

  2. Engaging smiles

    Have the smiles that can make me feel like it's the angel that thrown her smiles at me…yayyii

  3. Understanding

    I'm not going to say that she must understand that sometimes I can't be there for her, instead, most of the time I can't be there for her, so please understand me. I only learn how to manage my life about half an hour ago…

  4. Knowledgeable

    She doesn't need to be a super genius like Einstein or al-Razi, at least she know how to write, read, cook, and know who the hell is Nelson Mandela more compare to Britney Spears. Get it? (if she can play guitar, it's a bonus point)

  5. Excellent listener

    When I know someone close enough, I'm always can't stop talking. So at least she can listen with an impression of appreciation.

  6. Less talking/mumbling shits

    Excellent listener but at the same time reply it with some shitty words. Well..get lost…oh, and I don't mean that she must tight her lips all the times, just throw away all the unnecessary, ok?

  7. Supportive

    Not in terms of financial (although that's my major problem all the time), at least in terms of morale.

  8. Autonomous

    Hehehehe…another words for independent. I would love if she's not too depending on me all the time.

Arghh…I don't know many blogger personally, but here goes some of the blog that I read occasionally…Apek, Mohd Alif, [the][matrix], Afdlin Shauki, Sumardi, Munzir Hazazi, oneduasan, and LiewCF. Don't get angry at me, I'm just serving to preserve the chains of this game…

P/S: After writing this post and read through my points again, I told myself this….."Dream on, Amir….". Hahahahahahahah…(but not in the most exciting haha way)

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  • okeh2.. aku tak paham camana ko leh tag aku.. kuikuikui

  • :-p Just tagging any bloggers that came across my head

  • fizah

    amende la palk nyer nih…

  • Oh nothing…just a tagging game in blogging.. :-p