The day that long forgotten

Each 31 August, we as a Malaysian citizen celebrate the date because it’s awkward to forget it as our independence day. Yup, we celebrate it in various way…either shouting “Merdeka” sharp at 12 midnight, gathering in some places, a parade and others. We do realize that it’s so hard to achieve it without a sacrifice to make. Although it’s written in history that we achieve it without spilling blood, but the sacrifice is inevitably. To achieve and to maintain is two different things. Some might say that to maintain is a lot harder. To some extent, I agree. Even after 31 August 1957, there is a lot of hassle and fuss to deal with because of the “maintain” factors.

I bet that not many of us aware or remember of the May 13 Incident that occured on 1969 anymore. But in a way we must remember the incident just to make sure that without tolerence and understanding, we can’t possibally live in peace, like we already enjoyed at the moment. I’m not trying to awaken the old racial hatred and sentiment, just to remind myself how importance tolerence and understanding among differents belief. Not all people are the same and thus we do have a different in most aspect of our life. Respect each others belief and rights is the appropriate things to do. Our ancestors had already done their job by building and left us with what we called now as Malaysia. Our job now is to maintain the harmony and continue to prosper. Yeah…I do aware the existance of the phrase easier said than done but as long as all of us playing our part properly, I don’t think there will be another similar incidents. Let us remember May 13 Incident only as a dark remark that in a country that have various races and beliefs, tolerence and understanding is vital to live in harmony.

Lastly, before I forget, Happy Mothers Day to my beloved mom and aunt, you make my life easy when it supposed to be harder. I love you, moms…

My mom and my aunt

On the left is my mother and on the right is my aunt who I consider as a mother also because she took care of me from the day that I born until the age of 6

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