The all new Yahoo pages

I don't know when they change it, but this morning when I wanted to check my Yahoo mails, I were quite surprise by the changes that been made by Yahoo. The new interfaces is somehow quite familiar for me in someway…yup, makes me remember of some site that using the same concept before this. Hence, if you're familiar with site that based on Mambo, Joomla!, or even WordPress, you'll understand what I meant. Below is the screenshot of the new pages. The first one indicates the overall page and the second one indicates when you mouseover your personal Yahoo section such as mails, messenger, etc.

The overall page Navigating your personal section

Ok, my end conclusion. It's no doubt that the interfaces had been given some steroid, but how about the functionality? I for example, always put functionality on top rather than *eye candies* when I'm using such services (email, e-banking, etc). At one point, yes…it can make me come back for more but if the services have unstable functionality, hell I will drove back just to enjoy *the moment*. I personally want to see Yahoo improve their new interfaces on the email itself. It had been a long time since I'm using their Beta phase email services, yet I see there're not much improvement. Nevertheless, the efforts deserved a praise indeed & well done for the changes. But again, for long term of usage, Google services is still the best. Maybe some of you will argue by saying that it's no big deal because we use all the mentioned services FOC, but this is just my 2 cents. Without thoughts like this, what's the point on the so called *customers demand & rights*? Again, well done Yahoo and keep on the good work…

By the way, don't flame me if the news is already a history by now…most of the time I'm lagging behind on matters like this.. :-P peace

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