Darker Day of My Box

Hello there. Arghhhh!!! Damn, my Windows messed up with me for….er…I lost track for how many times but surely more than once. Actually, I don't know for sure whether it's true that the problem arise because of my Windows, my Linux or just because a faulty hardware, but my machine refuse to boot and enter the bios for about 3 or 4 damn hours of trying. In the end of that miserable hour, my machine manage to initiate properly (somehow), and I took my first step by entering Windows and guess what, after entering Windows for less than five minutes, the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) pop-in. Now, that's sucks…big time. I manage to look at the BSoD screen to try extract some information about the crashing and I manage to see some error message that ask me to disable my antivirus and disk management software…and also some error message indicates something about IRQ conflict. Ehhhh????

So, I restart my box again, entering Windows safe mode, uninstall my antivirus (Kapersky), disk management software (O&O Defrag), unplug my network cable (it's a suicide to online even a second without an antivirus), and entering back my Windows normally. Well, first thing first, installing antivirus, plug-in back my network cable and doing a full scan (after updating the virus defination of course). Eh?? Nothing? Yup, found no nasties and baddies worms or viruses. So? I leave it as it is because right now I'm in my red zone (the defination of red zone is vary for each individuals, but in terms of students it's the time where you must complete all your related final course assesment and you had no time to loose) . But I do wonder is it had anything to do with the IRQ conflict? What hardware then? As long as I can remember, I had not made any driver upadate to my hardware recently, so how come? Or is it the fact that I don't update the driver is the reason to all of this mess? Arghh….I don't know, really don't know. Have to finish my chores first before doing anything major.

It seems all ok now but…nope it's not. Right now, I depends fully on Media Player Classic because my Windows Media Player seems fail to load whenever I try to run it. And yes, I already doing a couple of time of reinstall, repairing or removing but everythings is against me at the moment. Tskk! Also, for IM, I depends on Gaim rather than YM because my YM impose the same problem as my Windows Media Player. I trully believe it's not because my 2'nd OS (Linux Fedora Core 5), because it seems the problem start to exist even in bios loading and seems ok after I done something on my Windows. Well, nevermind that. I'll finish my work first than I'll think of something major. But some conclusion that I can make here is:

  • Maybe the fault is all on my hardware behalf (based on the IRQ message error)
  • Maybe the fault because of some viruses on my Windows (if this is true, kudos to that virus creator for making a virus that can't be detected, removed and more importantly make my hardware going nuts).
  • Maybe somehow my Linux do make an effect on my hardware (I trully don't want to believe this but shits do happens sometimes, right?)

Ok that's it. BTW, it's all just an assumption and I untill now don't even know the reason why this shits happen. Last but not least;

Oh, GOD save me from what will engulf this world…

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  • Of course Linux didn’t make any changes to ur hardware. Hardware conflicts? Software conflicts?

  • I want to believe Linux didn't have anything to do with this, but who knows? I made a couple of changes to make my FC5 recognize my NTFS partition & it made my NTFS partition appears on my Linux (so I can access it). Before this, it had been reported in some Linux user forum that this features can damage the hardisk itself (consider this features as not matures yet ). It's a different story with FAT, which had been supported by Linux far longer than NTFS. 

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