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Recently I’ve been busy dealing with my new installed OS…yup…Ubuntu 5.10 “The Breezy Badger”. Ubuntu 5.10 is one of the many Linux distro out there that can be freely download and use (in terms of free talk, not free lunch some might say…). I never get so involved with Linux before this (just a peek and touching here & there), so I admit Ubuntu is the first Linux distro that I played it directly since all the hassle including the installation and such been done solely by me. But frankly, from Linux noobies like me, Ubuntu is among the easiest Linux distro to install (Before this, I only manage to witness and involved a little in Red Hat and Fedora Core 2 installation, so I’m only comparing the installation process with the two.)Ok…been a loyal Windows user is really make me want to give up when I try to jump to Linux bandwagon. But hey…if I don’t do this, its only mean that I’m afraid of changes. So here it goes. After a few references at Ubuntu community forum, I can say that I’m facing no problem with Linux (period). Oh, I’m still learning mainly how to deal with terminal command and it took a lot of time really. But good things like Linux doesn’t come complete out of the box, so all these hassle is already in my earliest assumption. I will post later about my Linux desktop, because due for certain needs, I’m using Windows right now. Ahaks….I’m not giving up on Linux yet…not so soon….

P/S: If you had a little interest to know more about Ubuntu 5.10, do visit this link About Ubuntu 5.10

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